Top 5 Facebook Ads That Generate Leads For Real Estate

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Lead generation for real estate comes in many forms. Typically in the beginning of a new real estate agents career they find themselves relying heavily on referrals. This initial referral net is cast. Then another follows. But is this really a real estate agents long term plan for business growth? STOP relying on referrals and lets dive into our top 5 facebook advertising strategies that generate leads for real estate. (In no specific order)

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1. Gift Card Giveaway

Who doesn’t love a FREE gift card?!

This strategy isn’t just about giving away a gift card to make a new friend who may or may not buy at house at some point in their life. If you do this right, you can generate a ton of leads. Ready to get methodical?

When you see a typical giveaway there is some sort of a sign-up form to fill out. That’s EXACTLY what you’re going to do! Build out a simple 2-3 step funnel to drive traffic to a landing page.

Your landing page needs to be consistent with the marketing that drove the potential gift card entry to it.

The second page can either stand alone as a survey, or add the survey to the initial landing page. Either way, this is where you qualify your entries (leads). A simple 4-5 step questionnaire will do the trick!

Lastly, your thank you page. You want to thank the person for entering the gift card giveaway and give them next-step instructions. Let them know when and how you will be announcing the winner.

PRO TIP: This simple “hack” with your thank you page will increase the amount of entries you get with your gift card giveaway. Invite the person who just entered your gift card giveaway to share the giveaway with their friends on social media!

You might be asking yourself...”why would they share this and decrease their chances of winning?”

Well, we want to do the exact opposite. Tell them that if they share the gift card giveaway with their friends they will triple their chances of winning. Meaning their name will be entered three extra times in the pool of entries.


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2. Active Listing

Number 2 on our list is pretty obvious but the sign in the yard just no longer gets the job done. Get those professional images and videos out in front of a larger audience!

Creating Facebook Ads to generate leads specific to your listing is GOLD. The lead is already telling you the type of home they are interested in. The form will give you even more. The next step is getting them on the phone to DIG DEEP.

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