NO! Agent Marketers does offer a FREE 10-day trial per agent license. But not all Agent Marketers services are available for a FREE trial. 

Agent Marketers builds websites and landing pages. If the real estate agent needs a landing page for advertisements to go to we request that you purchase the landing page or website build first before beginning services. 

YES! Agent Marketers builds real estate websites that are primed for hyper local SEO to help shoot agents up the search engine ranks. Websites also include IDX feeds for their local MLS. 

YES! We have 2 IDX providers that we let the agent choose from based on home search style and features. 

DEPENDS. For campaigns such as Buyer’s and/or Seller’s guides, or campaigns to generate seller leads, we will create the marketing content.

IF you are advertising a listing or running a homes list campaign we will need your images of the home. NOT someone else’s images so that we both avoid all reasons for any litigation. 

NO! HUGE NO! To avoid any conflict of any kind Agent Marketers does not collect an amount for ad spend up front. It is required that the agent’s credit card be authorized for the business account. 

We ask that agents budget for a minimum of $300 for the advertising campaign. This DOES NOT include service fees. This minimum amount will be charged directly to the agent’s credit card so they receive a direct receipt. 

If the agent has a higher budget (RECOMMENDED) we will set that budget before the campaign begins. 

No. We are not a real estate brokerage. Agent Marketers is a real estate marketing company. However, our founder and president is a Realtor. 

Agent Marketers can typically have your campaign tactfully created and running within 2-3 days upon purchasing your marketing plan. HOWEVER, our team will need access to the business manager account and receiving that access is the barrier that delays most campaigns from beginning. The faster this is achieved, the faster campaigns can begin.